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Are you considering a basement remodel? If so, we can review all remodel design options with you to help you decide what plan will best meet your needs and budget. Our consultants will go over all details of a custom remodeling plan that will meet your expectations and satisfaction. Our goal is to create and implement a design that is the best use of your space and of the highest quality.


When we first visit with you we will share a portfolio with samples of our completed project designs and will discuss your project goals – what you would like to achieve with your basement remodel. Some questions we ask are: How would you like to use the space? What features do you want? An entertainment room? An exercise room? Do you want to add a half or full bath? Who will make use of the space? Is it a family space? For a relative or in-law to move in? One of our consultants will review our process and explain all factors we consider in a basement remodel such as humidity, moisture, mold and dampness. You will understand how our construction methods include insulating exterior walls and we will be happy to share our project reports with you.


Next, we will measure the space, including: ceiling height, walls and floor space, windows, heat ducts, utilities etc. After we have the detailed physical specifications we will be able to prepare a design and building plan based on the criteria and provide you with a cost estimate. If you have received another company’s design proposal we will be happy to review it and give you our suggestions and pricing.


Our Process


Provision Remodeling uses a customized process for your basement remodel project. Over our years in the business we have developed proven methods for insulating walls, installing heating systems and flooring, and ensuring a secure, comfortable environment for you and your family.


We envision your finished basement to extend the qualities of the central living area in your home. Our objective is to create a smooth transition from your home’s living area to your basement, and to maximize the use of the new space, based on your specific needs. We will spend the time to interpret your custom requirements, then create a detailed design plan that will be used to create a great additional living space for you.


A beautiful and well designed basement remodel doesn’t happen without careful planning by experienced consultants and meticulously executing a one-of-a-kind design by professional craftsmen following the direction of a qualified supervisor.


Getting Started


Provision Remodeling provides a free consultation to review your area for remodeling and to understand your design requirements. Based on your goals and requirements, we will propose design ideas and recommendations and create a visual layout for your review. We believe a good design plan is the result of effective collaboration between the designer, the builder and you, our client.


Remember that although you’ll be upgrading your basement to a higher level, there are still utilitarian issues to be considered. Whether you are currently using the space for laundry facilities, a home office, storage, or a combination, you will need the remodel design plan to enhance your basement’s functionality and not take anything away from it.

When considering a new layout, there are several key things to keep in mind, which are:

  1. Areas that will require more privacy will need to have walls built.
  2. You will need to leave the space surrounding your water heater unfinished in case of water leaks.
  3. You should choose a design that keeps your existing plumbing in place whenever possible to keep costs down.


Provision Remodeling offers different pricing options for all of our remodeling projects:


  • We will happily give you a budget figure or project estimate based on discussing your objectives with you and give you a good understanding of the expected cost to design and remodel the basement of your dreams.
  • We can provide you with an informative proposal which will explain the requirements and estimated costs for your basement remodel.
  • As a design and build contractor, we can offer you our professional design services. We will schedule a meeting with you, then take meticulous calculations and prepare comprehensive diagrams of your home’s basement, along with a new design layout.

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