Water damage caused by a roof leak will initially appear like a few discolored spots on the ceiling; this is usually caused by rings of mold growth thriving because of the moisture. When a leaky roof isn’t handled quickly, it could turn into a big problem and could even lead to the roof collapsing. There are several steps that you could take to ensure that the issue is dealt with accordingly. Read on for more information.

Step 1: Safety

The first thing you need to do is to take care of all safety hazards. That could mean putting buckets down to collect any dripping water, or laying out several towels to absorb puddling water.

Step 2: Find Out What Kind of Leak It Is

Examine the affected area to see if the leak is from the roof.

Step 3: Contact a Roofer

Call your local roofing contractor and have them come in and investigate the leak and fix it. Most contractors perform an initial investigation to determine the severity of the leak, what caused it, how it can be fixed, and how to prevent it. Make sure the contractor you hire addresses the root cause of the problem.

Step 4: Call in a Restoration Expert

Once the leak is fixed, what you are left with is water damage that needs fixing. Water damage restoration can lead to a big mess that needs to be addressed with urgency. Water stains and soaking floors and walls could start developing mold if not sorted out within 48 hours. When mold and other pathogens start to thrive, it is a matter of time before they start spreading, which can be hazardous.

Restoration experts can help fix water damage and control mold by drying up water and sanitizing salvageable materials. If contacted in time, they can handle the situation before the water-logged materials start to smell. If there already is a smell, there is no need to worry; they can still remove it.

Depending on the severity of the damage, a restoration expert may have to get rid of and replace all damaged materials from furniture to flooring to the structure of your home. A professional restoration expert will also gather evidence that you can present to your insurance company when filing your claim so you can receive the maximum coverage from your policy.

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