Has your residential or commercial structure suffered damage from water? If so, call us immediately. Moving water caused by a burst pipe or flooding can progress quickly, leading to permanent stains on carpet, books, records, and upholstery. Items like wooden furniture may swell, even disintegrating completely, and metal objects may be subject to tarnishing. It goes without saying that water should be removed from your structure as soon as possible.

What about the long-term effects of water damage in your building? These can include the development of mold and bacteria that contributes to allergies as well as an unpleasant odor. If not addressed, the property may suffer structural damage such as warping and even splitting frames, doors, and windows. However, our team is equipped to survey water damage and reduce the chance of permanent issues and pesky restoration costs.

In some instances, the damage from water may not show itself immediately. The only signs may be, apart from an unpleasant odor, the growth of microbial organisms on surfaces close to the area affected. Even a small leak can lead to damage if not addressed in the appropriate amount of time.

Handling Wet Environments

The first step in handling flood or other water damage is to properly dry the area. We use dehumidifiers of the high-volume desiccant variety to force dry air into these damp spaces to cut down on the risk of more damage. Before this, however, we will locate where the water is coming, determine just how much contamination has occurred, and begin with the repairs. Ensuring that the water is removed from the property, the chance of mold developing is mitigated. When water is removed via evaporation, humidity in the space should be lowered. Our method of dehumidification makes sure that moisture is sucked from the air and that damage caused by water is stopped dead in its tracks in each area and component of the structure. Call our team to help you today.

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