If you have watched the news lately, you are aware of the massive amount of flooding that has affected the Midwest portions of our country. South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa and Wisconsin have faced devastating floods. Farmland has been destroyed and cattle have been swept away as rivers have overflown their banks due to excess rainfall. In mid-March, 2019 more than 75 cities were under a state of emergency, according to CNN. Illinois’s Governor Bruse Rauner declared dozens of counties in Illinois disaster areas, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Flooding can cause devastating damage to homeowners and business owners; however, many people are surprised at how common flooding is in America each year. FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency) reports that the number one natural disaster in the United States if flooding.

Flooding occurs more frequently and causes more damage than other types of natural disasters. Rainfall amounts occur with almost every storm, including tornadoes and hurricanes. There is more water on earth than there is land, and the country’s lakes, streams, and rivers can only handle so much rainwater at a time. Over the last ten years, every state in the country has experienced flooding, either flash flooding or flooding overland. Annually, the amount of loss due to flooding averages $2.4 billion.

The Different Types of Flooding

There are several types of flooding that should be considered when talking about flooding. Aon Benfield stated that the most common type of flooding is river flooding. This type of flooding occurs when rainfall engorges the streams, lakes, and rivers in the area causing them to overflow onto the land. Rainfall flooding occurs when downpours create flash flooding in an area. Storm surges occur in coastal areas where the seawater travels up beaches and enters businesses and homes.

Flooding is very common across all states, which means every person and every home and business in the United States is at risk of experiencing flooding. Hurricanes typically do not affect homeowners and business owners in the Upper Midwest or Great Plains. Although tornadoes can occur anywhere, they are not commonly found along the coastline states (California, Maine, etc.) However, this is not the case when it comes to flooding. Property owners who live outside of the high-risk flooding zones submit approximately 30 percent of insurance claims for flooding, according to FEMA.

Weather is beyond everyone’s control, which means companies must be prepared in the event of a flood. Provision Remodeling can help you control the outcome following an unleashing of Mother Nature’s wrath. Preventative measures can help to minimize interruptions to your life.

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