Water damage is something that your basement will be more susceptible to than the other areas of your house.  If you delay any important repairs in the basement, it could cause expensive and extensive damage. Knowing how to manage a wet basement will help you limit the damage.

Finding A Leak

It can be hard to find the source of water in your basement.  The best place to start will be the cracks in the walls and floor.  There are times when water can enter through hydrostatic pressure and the cracks in the floor will tell you if this is the case.  Defrosting snow and an overflowing gutter may also be the cause of the water seeping through the foundations.

Sealing The Basement

If you have a damp basement, you need to get it sealed as soon as possible.  This will cover all of the small cracks int eh walls and floor which allow water to enter.  It is possible to seal your basement yourself, but this will depend on the size of the cracks and the information you have about the source.  Of course, it is recommended that you contact a professional to help.

Drainage Repair

If leaks and cracks are not causing the water in your basement, you might have some blocked drainage.  Floor drains and sump pumps can back up and this will leave excess water in the basement.


The best way to prevent your basement flooding is to ensure that your sump pump is working correctly.  Your sump pump should be checked by a professional annually. This will ensure that it is working when the rainy season comes.

The Air Quality

Humidity is a major issue if you have a damp basement.  Humidity can lead to mildew and mold which will cause concerns for the air quality.  If this is found in your home, it can cause serious problems for your health. This is true even when you are not in the basement often as the effects of the mold and mildew will travel.

Getting a dehumidifier can help to keep your basement dry.  However, you will want to protect the room from outside moisture.  This can be done by insulating and caulking the basement.

A basement is a great space to have, but there are some problems that can cause serious issues for your home.  It is vital that you remove any excess water and moisture from the basement as soon as possible.

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