Cold seasons during the year lead to burst pipes. This happens more often than people think it does. Frozen pipes impact a lot of people, and you may require some form of restoration due to water damages.

How pipe freezing and bursting occurs:

When a homeowner turns off a running tap, water remains in the pipes. All the time there is bound to be water inside the pipes. However, during winter, the water is likely to freeze due to the extremely low temperatures. This is mainly likely to happen with outdoor pipes which experience lower temperatures.

When water freezes it turns into ice which has a higher volume. This happens due to the re-composition of molecules during freezing which forces ice to take up more space leading to expansion. During winter, the expansion as water freezes to form ice creates a lot of pressure until the pipe bursts.

The ensuing water damages:

One may make the assumption that since it is ice, then no water leaks should be coming from the burst pipes. However, the water following the frozen water is still flowing towards the faucet with some pressure. Once the pipe bursts, this water gushes out and spreads everywhere.

What steps should you take on experiencing a burst pipe?

Immediately the water pipe bursts and you notice water pouring out from a sink, in the basement or from the wall turn off the water at the main supply as quickly as you can. This stops the water gushing into your house and allows you to start making decisions on how to fix the burst pipe. The next step in solving the problem is to remove the water that has poured into your home.

This process ought to be handled by a qualified restoration services company. They are equipped with the proper equipment and tools to exhaustively remove the water using humidifying and drying procedures.

Methods used to address water damage:

In addition to drying and humidifying, restoration companies may apply other techniques such as applying antimicrobial treatments to combat mold and bacteria growth, structural cleaning, a full inspection of the house to identify mold growth and even employing a sewage clamp for emergency cases. Consequently, they will repair the burst pipe and help in restoring the affected pieces of furniture and appliances. Finally, procedures to eliminate any odors from the home will be undertaken.

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