A DIY project is usually a challenge but applying paint on your basement floor is a good learning experience for beginners that will take just one or two days. Assemble your tools and paints and get down to work on giving your basement a refresh.

Choosing Your Basement Floor Paint

The choice of paint you use on your basement floor is crucial. The paint you choose should be specifically manufactured for concrete surfaces. A good example is epoxy paint. Epoxy paint comes in a myriad of different shades and you can choose one that fits your style.

A yellow or orange tone is good enough to liven up your basement. On the other hand, if you intend to use your basement for laundry and storage a soft ivory color can impose a cool clean feel on your basement.

Warnings Before Painting

Cracks and moisture should be dealt with before proceeding with painting. These two factors can lead to the paint not sticking to the floor. They also signal damage to your foundation or basement.

Prepare Your Basement

After testing the concrete surface to ensure it is in a magnificent condition to receive some paint, you can commence your project. The outcome of your paint job will depend on the quality of your preparations. The better the preparation the better the final product.

Remove Items, Clean And Degrease

Lift all the items from the floor. Brush and scrub off any dirt. To ensure the floor is completely clean, wash it using a degreasing mixture.


After cleaning, patch up any cracks or holes using a concrete patching mix. Let the concrete patch to fully dry before applying any paint.


As the concrete patching compound dries, tape the lower part of the walls and supports that you do not intend to get paint on.

Prime Your Floor

Prior to painting the final color prime your floors. Start from the farthest end to the entrance. Using a paintbrush, cautiously gloss around all pillars and any edges of the basement with paint. Then apply the paint roller to paint the basement floor. Distribute the coat evenly and allow it to fully dry before applying the second coat.

Apply Your Paint

After the primer has fully dried move to applying the epoxy paint on the floor starting from the furthest corner to the entrance. Then, gloss the paint evenly on the floor with the paint roller. Remember to keep your strokes consistently in one direction. After the first coat dries up apply a second coat. Finally, you are done. Take delight in your amazing work!

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