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So, you’re thinking about remodeling your basement, but you have some questions. There are a number of things to consider before embarking on this project so it’s best to ask your questions and make some decisions beforehand to facilitate the design process.


First, you will need to decide upon your desired purpose for your basement renovation project. Do you want to add a bedroom, a bathroom, or a suite for an in-law? Would you like to have a family entertainment room? A bar, perhaps? More organized storage and/or a workshop? Our design consultants can create a plan for any of these purposes; the final design is up to you – your goals, space and budget.


As you might have guessed, remodeling your basement is a big commitment in time and money. So to help you understand some things about basement renovation we’ve compiled the following list of most frequently asked questions. Provision Remodeling has a great deal of expertise in working with homeowners to help them achieve the basement remodel of their dreams and we want to share our experience with you.


  1. What is a Finished Basement?


A finished basement is an extension of the home and should match the look of the upper level living area, whether it has an additional bedroom, apartment, or entertainment room. It should have finished floors with carpeting, tile, or hardwood, vinyl or laminate flooring instead of concrete. Also, the cinderblock walls should be covered with painted drywall or paneling.


Technically, a finished basement must have electricity and heating, ventilation and air conditioning. The term “finished basement” is also a legal term as the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) considers a basement to be “finished” if it can be used year-round.


  1. Can I Add Value to My Home by Finishing the Basement?


The answer is yes. A remodeled basement creates more living space which also increases the value of your home. Although the value may not be calculated the same as your above ground square footage, most homebuyers prefer a finished basement.


Based on remodeling industry surveys, the average homeowner recovers approximately 70% of their basement renovation cost when selling their homes. Compared to other home improvements, such as sunroom additions, it is a high return on the investment.


  1. How Much is the Average Cost of Finishing a Basement?


The cost for an entire basement remodel will vary from one project to another based on several factors: basement size, the extent of the construction, and the market rate for materials at the time. For example, installing a bar in addition to a new entertainment room will increase the cost of the project.


The more labor, materials and time involved in completing a remodel, the greater the cost. The majority of our basement renovations range in cost from $25,000-40,000.


Contact us to discuss your ideas and we will be happy to provide you with a no-cost estimate. After discussing your project goals, we will create a proposal that includes our estimated cost.


  1. Are There Financing Options for Basement Finishing?


We acknowledge that a home renovation project can be expensive or beyond what many homeowners can afford to pay at one time. So we will work with you to arrange a payment plan that fits your budget and enables you to enjoy your basement remodel sooner rather than later.


Provision Remodeling has helped many customers obtain financing to achieve the renovation they desire.


  1. How Much Time Does It Take to Finish a Basement?


As we’ve explained that not all basement remodel projects are the same and depend on the scope of the project, it makes sense that the time to complete one will vary based on the circumstances. Every project has its own factors, such as the size of the basement and the desired project features which will determine the time to completion. The average basement remodel will take approximately 4-6 weeks, with larger projects requiring a couple months or more.


Provision Remodeling takes into consideration that some projects will require more time if there are certain issues involved with a particular basement configuration, such as HVAC, plumbing and electrical. We will work diligently to complete projects as soon as possible despite any surprise issues that may be encountered.


  1. Will I Be Able to Finish Half of My Basement?


Yes, we will finish whatever portion of your basement as you would like, whether you want it all done, half or just a small section. We will work to your specifications.


Some homeowners choose to remodel only half a basement which enables them to use half for a finished living area and the other for storing seasonal items, etc.


We realize that not all our customers want to take on an entire basement makeover, although it adds more value to the home overall.


  1. Does Every Basement Need Waterproofing?


As a homeowner you are not legally required to waterproof your basement, but it is a form of insurance against any potential moisture or flooding issues that could damage your newly remodeled space. After all, it is a significant investment. However, if you previously have never experienced any dampness or water problems in your basement we can go forward without doing waterproofing.


A couple ways to waterproof without much of a financial investment is to check your gutters to make sure they are clear and functioning properly, and to make sure there is the right grading outside your basement. These two things could be the biggest problems causing water in a basement and they can easily be addressed. If you still have a water concern and you’re willing to spend more you can consider installing a sump pump or a drainage system before investing in your renovation.


  1. Can I Have Insulation Installed in a Finished Basement?


Yes, this is a common reason why some homeowners plan to renovate their basements  so it will help keep the space warmer.


Provision Remodeling will install the desired insulation and build the walls over it to maintain a warm, comfortable basement during a cold winter.


  1. Is It Possible to Finish an Older Basement?


There are usually some challenges when finishing an older basement, but it can be done. It may take more time than a more modern basement as sometimes dealing with  older structures and electrical and moisture issues can add days to a project. But, we have the expertise to tackle these projects and will do the job right to transform your old basement into a safe, dry, comfortable space.


  1. Is a Permit Needed to Finish My Basement?


In most locations, the answer is yes. Many municipal counties require permits for home renovations so it is best to check with your local county. In addition, state inspectors will need to inspect the project both during and after it is completed to make sure that the work is in compliance with state codes.


  1. Will I Have to Hire Different Contractors for Electric, Plumbing and Painting?


At Provision Remodeling we will make the finishing process easy for you by handling all aspects of the project. Our contractors are painting experts so there isn’t a need to work with a separate paint contractor. This not only minimizes the people you need to deal with, but also reduces the cost.


In some cases, if there is a need for special plumbing or electrical work, we will obtain qualified contractors in your area to do the work and coordinate schedules to get the job done smoothly.


  1. How Can I Get Ideas for Refinishing My Basement?


At Provision Remodeling we’re all about brainstorming ideas for your desired renovation. Whatever style you’re looking for, from traditional to modern, we are happy to create a design you will love. One of our remodeling experts will discuss everything involved in your project, from dealing with space and structure to selecting paint colors and materials.


We use modeling software that will render an image of your ideas before we even start. That way, you can see your design on the screen and make any changes you’d like. It helps you to visualize your dream basement and helps us to create an accurate budget and project timeline.


  1. How Can I View Completed Basement Projects?


We will be pleased to show you photos of completed projects in our basement remodeling gallery. Or, you can visit our website and virtually tour our recent individual finished basements.


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