Common appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, and water heaters need to have maintenance done on a regular basis. However, they rarely get the care that they need in order to avoid leaks, busted pipes, and other problems that can cause water damage.

Turn The Main Water Supply Off

Before you directly address the appliances, you need to shut the main water supply off to your house. There are two kinds of valves: the maser or main value, which stops water flow to your whole house, and the supply or individual valves that are connected to specific fixtures or appliances. Find the main water valve and then turn it off before you do anything else.

Refrigerators and Dishwashers

Water damage can be caused by two kitchen appliances: refrigerators and dishwashers.

The hot water line on a dishwasher is prone to leaks at or close to the connection. The drain needs to remain clear and the door gasket needs to remain tight.

Also, watch the float switch. This is an important mechanism that lets the dishwasher know to stop filling up with water. If the switch breaks it could result in flooding very quickly.

Washing Machine

When regular maintenance is not performed, washing machine failures can be common. For example, the cold and hot water hoses needed to be replaced every four or five years, even when they look they like are still in good shape. These hoses are subject to getting damaged if the washing machine moves throughout the wash cycle or it vibrates violently.

Clothes Dryer

It is not sufficient to clean out the lint trap of the dryer after every load to keep the ductwork totally clear and clean. Clogged ductwork and air vents could result in the dryer become inefficient and could start a fire as well.

Water Heater

Nothing can cause more property damage, short of fire, than a water heater that bursts. Water heats hold and transfer water continuously from the time that they are installed until they fail or are replaced. That results in the buildup of sediment in the tank, fixtures, and pipes. If it is not maintained, that can result in a massive failure.


Water damage is commonly caused by toilets if a leak develops in the inlet hose or the wax seal wears out on the bottom of the toilet. Usually, the hoses on the cold-water are strong. However, the connecting ends should be checked for leaks once a year at least.

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