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Basement remodeling is something of a speciality to Provision Remodeling.  We love turning unused space into functional, livable and fun space for families.  Considering a basement remodeling project and wondering the in’s and out’s of what is involved?  Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your goals!

Basement Remodeling & Finishing

Dreaming of remodeling your home’s basement in Naperville to create more living space for your family or to better suit your needs? We can make your remodeling dreams come true by designing a custom basement that suits your budget and style! Our team of experienced designers will discuss your wishes with you and then create a design that makes those wishes come true in every detail.

Remodeling your basement is an opportunity for adding new rooms and repurposing space to make your home more accommodating and enjoyable. Our designers can create plans based on your goals, from completely refinishing your basement with additional rooms for guests to designing an entertainment center or more storage space.

Your basement can be transformed into a comfortable family entertainment center, designed as you wish with a large screen TV and game area. Or, if you need more room for guests or relatives, we could transform your basement into additional living space by adding a bedroom and bathroom and even a kitchenette. Other possibilities include creating a children’s playroom, a fitness workout area, game room or office.

Many basements can be divided into multiple spaces, such as an entertainment room along with separate office space. If you have a laundry room in your basement you can still make room for a recreation space, craft area or workstation. There are many possibilities!

Finally, if storage is an issue we can create designated space for containers to store out-of-season goods, install ceiling racks to hang bikes or sporting equipment, and install wall shelving to increase floor space.

Basement Finishing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is basement finishing?

A fully finished basement means that it has a complete finish similar to the upstairs living area. A finished basement can still have an unfinished utility area and still be considered a finished basement. A partially finished basement means part of it is finished as the upstairs, but part of it is not.

Is basement finishing a good investment or added value?

Finished basements can increase the value of your home even though their value isn’t calculated on a dollar per square foot basis as above ground level square footage is calculated. A finished basement investment is estimated to be about 75 cents to the dollar according to home value surveys.

How much does basement finishing cost?

The cost to refinish a basement depends on the square footage to be remodeled and the extent of the design, but in general it is between 25 and 50 dollars per square foot. For example, if the average basement is 1,000 square feet, the cost for finishing would be between $25,000 and $50,000. At Provision Remodeling, we create a custom finished design that will suit your budget and square footage.

How do I start a basement finishing project?

We’re just a phone call away to schedule a consultation for your project with one of our professional contractors. After we review the details of your basement finishing project with you, we can manage all aspects of the process including framing; installing drywall, windows, doors, flooring and plumbing; and painting and entertainment installation.

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