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Provision Restoration & Remodeling is your #1 source for water damage restoration services in Wheaton and the surrounding local areas.  If you have experienced water damage due to a storm or other home-related issues, please contact us today and we will schedule to have one of our restoration specialists come onsite and provide you with an honest assessment and detailed estimate!

Our Water Damage Restoration Process

Generally, every water and flood damage is unique in its own way.  As such, every flood and water damage scenario requires unique solutions that are tailored to the prevailing circumstances and conditions. That being said, however, the general processes of water damage restoration remains the same. Below we will explore some of the steps we undertake during our water damage restoration process.

Step #1: 24-Hour Emergency Contact

Our restoration process begins right from the time you call us. Provision Restoration & Remodeling offers emergency water services 24/7 any day of the year. As such, we are ready and prepared to deal with any kind of water emergency, whether small or large, immediately after you call. In doing this, we negate the severity of the water damage and save your property from destruction.

We Always Answer the Phone Ready to Help you.

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Undergoing a water damage experience can be very traumatic. For starters, the ordeal is very chaotic and confusing. As such, you will not only experience confusion, but it is highly likely that you will feel stressed and vulnerable. During such times, you should seek the help of professional water damage restorers to guide you through the crisis.

At Provision Restoration & Remodeling, we appreciate how traumatic this experience can be and we take into consideration all of your needs. Moreover, we are experts in this field and have a trained team who are experts in the field of water damage restoration.

Have questions?   Check out our FAQs page here.

What To Expect From Us

When you make an emergency call, our team at the call center will ask you several questions regarding the water damage emergency you are experiencing. While we appreciate that you might feel stressed to talk a lot, we ask questions to determine the team size that will suffice to meet your needs. Moreover, the questions help us determine the resources to bring to your premises. We believe in doing water restoration right the first time and we come prepared to do it right.

Some of the questions that Provision Restoration & Remodeling will ask include:

Your name, location (street address of the home or business), and contact information

Your insurance information (if this is applicable)

When did the water damage or flooding occur?

The cause of the water damage (if it is known)?

Is electricity available on the premises?

Step #2: Water Damage Assessment And Inspection

Provision Restoration & Remodeling Water Damage Restoration Procedures And Process

When we respond to any water damage emergency, whether in business premises or a residential setting, we typically begin by conducting a detailed inspection. During the inspection, we conduct a damage assessment. During this stage of the process, our team of experts is trying to determine the scope and extent of the damage so that they can develop the most appropriate plan of action.

Identify And Stop The Source Of Water

Before embarking on any restoration endeavor, the source of water must be identified and stopped. You cannot dry and restore if the water keeps spilling back into the restored rooms.

Stop the Water Source(s)

Check Whether there is Contaminated Water

Identify The Various Types of Water We are Dealing with

Identifying and classifying the water involved is very important as it helps our professionals conduct the restoration process with strict adherence to the industry guidelines. The occurrence and the level of contamination do influence the kind of restoration procedures and processes that we use.

Category #1: “Clean Water”

Category #2: “Gray Water”

Category #3: “Black Water”

Inspect The Premises And Survey The Extent of Water Damage

Not only do we inspect the premises, but we also conduct tests to find out the exact extent of the damage. During this exercise, we determine how far the water has traveled, thereby ensuring that we can completely and comprehensively conduct restorations.

Moreover, we conduct safety inspections to determine whether there are any safety concerns. As such, we identify issues such as presence asbestos and lead and other safety issues.

Survey the Damage that has Occurred

Conduct Safety Inspection

Block or Move Furniture

Typically, we will move your furniture and other properties you have and block them to prevent such items from staining wet carpets.

Step #3: Water Extraction / Water Removal

After completing the damage inspection, we begin to extract the water. During this step, we will remove the vast majority of the flooded water using powerful pumps as well as truck-mounted vacuum machines. These tools can extract hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water with exceptional ease.

Pack-Out / Move-Out

Provision Restoration & Remodeling also provides highly efficient and move-out services, should you need to vacate the premises for proper restoration works to be done.

– Move-Out Service

– Emergency Water Removal

During the water removal phase, our technicians may elect to use submersible water pumps or powerful industrial wet/dry vacuum machines. Using this kind of equipment to extract water helps to reduce the drying time and prevent secondary damage arising, especially the growth of bacteria and mold.

– Remove Excess Water

– Deploy Industrial Dry / Wet Vacuums and or Submersible Pumps

– Check the Carpet and Carpet Pad

We carry out carpet and pad inspections to determine if we should remove them to protect the subfloor.

Inspect Carpet Pad and Carpets Removing Them If Needed

Water Removal Equipment

We use Hygrometers, Moisture detectors, and other meters to measure moisture saturation extent.

We also Infrared cameras to locate “hidden” water pockets behind the walls and ceilings.

Step #4: Drying & Dehumidification

After removing the excess water, the walls and the floor seem dry. However, upon conducting a quick inspection, the floor, and the wall will feel wet to the touch. A lot of the building materials used in the construction of houses tend to be porous. For instance, wood, flooring materials, and drywall are porous and will retain water. If the retained water is not extracted, it can cause the materials to warp, break down, or encourage mold growth and subsequent damage.

Drying / Dehumidification

Our team of water damage restoration experts uses temperature, room measurements, and humidity measuring equipment to determine how many dehumidifiers and air movers to use in your premises. Moreover, we continuously monitor the progress using tools such as the moisture meter until the materials are dry as par the predetermined levels.

– Deploy Dehumidification Equipment

– Deploy Monitoring Equipment to Track Progress

– Monitor Walls and the Floor

We consciously check the moisture levels to monitor the progress made with regards to drying.

Drying Equipment

Using industrial-grade dehumidifiers helps prevent the occurrence of secondary water damage such as warping and swelling of the walls, the furniture, and the floor. On the other hand, high-speed air movers helps to move a lot of air across the pads, carpets, walls, and furniture, thereby accelerating evaporation.

Step #5: Cleaning & Sanitizing

After the water extraction and dehumidification, you will most likely need professional flooring, wall, and ceiling cleaning services. Moreover, we also offer professional furniture, clothing, upholstery, and other property cleaning services. After thoroughly cleaning your property, you will need professional deodorization and odor removal to get rid of the humid odor.

Contents Restoration

We specialize in content restoration whether the damage is caused by water, fire, or mold damage. By taking the restoration approach rather than the replace approach, we can help you save a lot of money. Learn more about our content restoration services:

– Wet Cleaning

– Dry Cleaning

– Spray and Wipe

– Foam Cleaning

– Immersion Cleaning

– Abrasive Cleaning

– Odor Removal and Deodorization

We also offer high-quality and effective odor removal and deodorization services. We are experienced and well equipped to perform these tasks to your satisfaction. For instance, we use industrial fogging and air scrubbers. These tools can handle any issue you have, comprehensively getting rid of the odor.

– Deodorization and Odor Removal

– Fogging and Air Scrubbers Equipment

– Sanitizing Treatments

Depending on the prevailing circumstances, we may use antibacterial, antimicrobial, and or disinfectant to comprehensively get rid of pathogens.

– Antibacterial and Antimicrobial Treatments

– Disposal

– Disinfectant and Sanitizing Treatments

We conduct removal and disposal of all damaged content in strict adherence of your insurance adjuster and your guidelines.

Proper Disposal Of Refuse

Step #6: Restoration

The final step in our process if full restoration. We endeavor to restore your business or home to its original state. The restoration process may involve minor repairs such as installing new carpets and replacing drywall. However, it may involve more extensive repairs such as the reconstruction of the various parts of the structure.

Emergency Building Services

When water or storm damage occurs, the priority is to take protective measures to prevent further damages occurring. Some typical steps geared towards damage prevention include installing roof tarps. Below are some of our emergency building services:

– Board-Up

– Temporary Fencing

– Roof Tarp

– Temporary Warehouse Space

– Move-Out / Pack-Out

– Minor Building and Repairs Services

Do note that you may need the following repair services to restore your home or business premises to its original state.

– Drywall Removal and Installation

– Painting

– Hardwood Floor Repair

– Carpet Repair and Reinstallation

– Tile Floor Repair

– Reconstruction and Building Services

Provision Restoration & Remodeling is experienced and capable of conducting both the initial water damage mitigation as well as rebuilding the damaged areas. By using one qualified company during the entire process is not only efficient, but it is also very cost-effective. We provide the full range of restoration services, thereby bringing your property back to full functionality.

Your Naperville Water Damage Restoration Specialists

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